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WIZDUM ™ --- where  creativity, trends and wisdom are all blended together to


form a brand that embodies the true essence of essential street wear. We create


comfortable apparel that suits your body & mind. WIZDUM™ was founded in


Macon, Georgia of the United States in the year of  2010 by Brandon Woodford


with the mission of encouraging every soul to not only learn about themselves but


to also get an over standing  of what living your purpose is truly all about. 


We, as human beings, have minion over all things. This is living proof that


knowledge is power. But it's not about what you know. It's about what you DO with


what you know. This is the proper and practical application of the knowledge;


which is defined as wisdom. Our mantra "DO YOUR RESEARCH." is all about


taking the necessary steps to gain a full over standing of information that has been


given to you. Knowledge is acquired & shared daily, so why not display that


awareness throughout the culture? Live Life & Learn.

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